Unable to use as Lightroom Classic plugin when installed from Apple App Store

I’ve encountered a problem similar to that described in Failed to Launch Smart Shooter 4 LRC tethering. I’m working on a MacBook Pro 2021(M1) running macOS 12.4 and using Lightroom Classic 11.4. My camera is a Nikon D850.

I successfully shot tethered in Lightroom with Smart Shooter 4 downloaded directly from the web site. When I purchased it through the App Store, the Lightroom plugin did not install. I manually copied the plugin files into place and received the Failed to Launch Smart Shooter 4 error. After digging into the plugin script files, I was able to specify the location of the Smart Shooter application using the SS4Location.txt file. This allowed Lightroom to launch Smart Shooter, however, it did not recognize a connection to the camera. When I switched to the Smart Shooter window, it listed the camera type, but did not show any of the camera settings.

I’ve enabled logging in the SS4 plugin script and can provide log information if desired. Let me know if there is any other information that would help to resolve this issue.

I do have a shoot coming up in a few weeks, however, and need to resolve this issue soon. I’m willing to reinstall the application from the web site, provided I can get the necessary activation code (as described in Failed to Launch Smart Shooter 4 LRC tethering). Let me know how best to proceed.

Yes the easiest way to get this working again is to allocate a license code, so you can download and use the version from https://kuvacode.com/smartshooter4

I generated the license code and emailed it out to you.

Thank you. That worked.