Upcoming changes to Smart Shooter

There have been a few changes related to Smart Shooter this year, so I wanted to give a quick overview.

New version of Smart Shooter

Smart Shooter 4 was in development throughout 2018, and released in April 2019.

GRID is being split into separate product

Previously with Smart Shooter 3, there were 3 separate product SKUs; standard, PRO, and GRID.
GRID is being split out into its own product, and renamed as CaptureGRID.

So after that, there will be these products:

  • Smart Shooter 4
  • Smart Shooter 4 PRO
  • CaptureGRID 4

CaptureGRID will be available for purchase in July 2019.

Partnership with Tether Tools

Tether Tools are now the sole distributor for Smart Shooter 4 and Smart Shooter 4 PRO.
They handle all sales and support for those 2 products.


But, this does NOT affect the CaptureGRID product; Kuvacode will continue to sell and support CaptureGRID directly.