Unable to consistently connect Sony A7S III

I am unable to consistently connect a Sony A7S III.

I am using MacBook Pro M2 Max with Sonoma 14.1.1 (23B81)

  1. SS5 does not auto connect or connect with the “Detect” button
  2. A connection can be made. Cable remains connected. If the laptop sleeps, a connection can not be made on wakeup. Power Cycling camera does not allow a connection. Power Cycling Laptop does not allow a connection. Power Cycling both together does not allow a connection,.
  3. Sometimes a cable will work and then it won;t work
  4. I have tested 3 USB3 cables and one Thunderbolt 3 cable.
    4.1 only one of the USB3 provided intermittent connectivity
    4.2 The TB3 cable connected only once. Of course cost and length go TB is not practical

Is there a way to know if the “Detect” button is actually doing anything?

Do you have a suggestion?

Setup time is not practical, considering a known working solution can stop working.

Thank for any troubleshooting suggestions.

Thanks for writing and for detailing the troubleshooting you have completed so far. Based on the description, we know it is not a cable issue. Sony cameras require particular on-camera settings, so please ensure you are using the following settings in the camera menu:

Setup → USB Power Supply: OFF
Setup → USB Connection: PC Remote

It is also possible that there is another piece of software that is intercepting the communication between the camera and the tethering software. You can learn more about this on this page. To avoid this issue, be sure that all other applications are closed and there is no software running in the background. In particular, please be sure that Google Drive and Dropbox are not running in the Menu Bar.

If you are attempting to use the Lightroom Classic Plug-In, please quit Lightroom Classic until you see the camera in Smart Shooter 5. Once the camera is available, please launch Lightroom Classic and initiate the tethered session.

It is likely that one of the explanations above is causing the behavior you are experiencing. However, please let us know if you continue to experience the issue.