Trigger Cable Preventing CaptureGrid from finding camera

I have 6 Cam-Fi trigger boxes with 96 cameras hooked up to them.

When I turn the camera off (Canon 550d, 600D, 650D and 700D) and then back on, if the trigger cable is inserted into the camera, I cannot operate any of the cameras functions and buttons. Only the shutter button.
I have to remove the trigger cable every time the camera is switched on to be able to operate the camera and for CaptureGrid4 to be able to detect it.

After I have taken the cable out, I can operate the camera and even when I put the trigger cable back in the camera works.
Is there a way around this?

The trigger cable is in the same hole as a remote cable, but when a remote is in, it works fine.


Hi Hollie, thanks for the clear explanation.
Most probably this issue is caused by the trigger cable being incorrect wired or setup.

The trigger cable has 3 states; off, half-press, full-press.
This type of issue is seen when the trigger cable is always in the half-press state.

Can you check into this?
Maybe the trigger system providers can advise you on how to avoid that.