Storage managment regarding master+slave nodes

Hi everyone,

We have a multi-camera 3D scanning rig with ~200 cameras and 12 Pi boards. We are running into an issue that CaptureGrid is insofar using only the internal storage of the Pi boards, which is insufficent to manage the downloads through the Pis to the master PC ( standard x86 computer with larger storage ). We have about 2.5gb left on each Pi which is insufficent to efficiently handle photo transfers as we do large and multiple datasets ( i.e. 10-50 takes per day/session, which ends up being up to 350GB ).

The Pis have USB3.0 so my idea was to use USB flash drives or other removable media to be an intermediary storage, but I do not know how to tell CG4 to use that to store the photos - can this be done?

Also, we have been previously using gPhoto python plugins to do this, and there it was possible to download the photos directly from the cameras using the Pis just as a data funnel (i.e. direct download from cameras to master PC without storing the photos in the Pis ) - would this be achievable in some way?

Personally I would have liked to just use several classic PCs with large storage but that is sadly not possible for us at the moment.

Thank you for all the help.

You can change storage path in Capturegrid4 json configuration.