Storage changes unexpectidly from Card to Disk

Hi, we have been seeing an issue where our default camera storage is set to “Card”, but for some reason during a capture the captured images start getting saved to the computer (into “C:.…\User\Pictures\Smart Shooter 4” directory) rather than the card. Note we don’t change the storage setting to “Disk” but behind the scenes it appears as if this is what’s happening. We do sometimes close and then re-open smart shooter 4 while we are taking photos, but not sure if this could be contributing to the issue.

Note that it starts saving to the card initially after turning on the camera and the computer), but then something (?) happens which makes smart shooter start saving the images to the computer (Disk).

Any ideas for what it could be or any ideas that we could test? Please note we are using a Nikon D850 which is being hardware triggered by an external device every second or so. We are using Smart Shooter Pro V2.24.

Thanks for the question. Interesting. We haven’t seen this before.

As you noted. The Default Camera Settings in Options → General → Default Camera Settings should determine the settings when a camera is first connected to Smart Shooter 4. From the description, it sounds like this is occurring as expected.

It is not clear why the behavior would change. What method are you using to trigger the camera? Have you tested the behavior without the triggering device and instead using the “Shoot” button in the software or the Timelapse Script in Smart Shooter 4?

Have you ruled out any camera-related behavior like the card(s) being filled up or Primary Slot Selection / Secondary Slot Function causing this issue?

Also, you noted that you are using Smart Shooter 4 version 4.24. We would recommend updating to the latest release, Smart Shooter 4 (v4.26).

Hopefully that is helpful.