Start Python script when Smart Shooter launches


Is there a way to launch a an external API script when SmartShooter Pro launches? I’ve created a script that keeps track of the custom file name as well as the original file name and I’d like to ensure it’s running anytime the user launches SS.


If it’s a script you’ve been running with the “Load Script” and “Run Script” buttons within Smart Shooter, then yes you can automatically run that kind of script when the app starts. To do that, use the command line parameter “–run”.

For example:

SmartShooter4 --run

If its a script you’ve been running separately from Smart Shooter, you you will need to managing launching it yourself.

Thanks Francis. It’s a script that I’ve been launching outside of Smart Shooter as I didn’t realize I could run it from within. I’ll see if I can do that and if I can do that then I’ll try your suggestion.

Is there a limits to the kinds of scripts that can run from inside the program? I have one that uses the zmq and son libraries but when I try to run it via the Load/Run buttons its throws and error code for the line that imports zmq. “ModuleNotFoundError: No Module Named ‘zmq’”

I have zmq installed in both the Mac Python 2.7 package as well as the 3.8 version that I installed.

Any advice? I’d really like this script to run with the --run my command you mentioned.