SS5 Trial, Canon R5 and the SS5 Video Button Disconnects R5

I’m a few days into the trial of Smart Shooter and I very much like quite a bit about it but I am running into an issue trying to shoot video.

So far it is shooting photos fine but when i click the Video button, nothing appears to happen. if i then click other buttons or try to set focus via the app nothing responds. After several seconds the camera disconnects from the computer.

MSI Stealth 16 AI Studio 16” 240Hz QHD+ Intel Core Ultra 9, NVIDIA Geforce RTX 4060, 32GB DDR5, Thunderbolt 4 Win 11 PRO
Canon R5 (2.0.0)
Canon RF 100 (1.1.1)
tried both Prograde 512gb CFX-B Gold Label sustained 850MB/s and the Prograde 256Gb SDXC Silver Label 250MB/s
Gonine ACK-E6 Continuous Power Adapter LP-E6 Dummy Battery
also tried with Canon brand E6-NH battery
Smart Shooter 5.4

I’ve tried while saving to the card and while saving to disk with no difference.
I’ve also reset the cameras settings
I’ve tried multiple cables including tethertools usb-a to usb-c cable and to multiple ports on two laptops.

Tried to attach my logfile but it said new users cannot upload files.

Any help would be appreciated.

Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?

Thanks for your interest in Smart Shooter 5. Smart Shooter 5 is designed for still-image tethering, so most of the capability is designed around that purpose. Smart Shooter 5 does have the ability to initiate and stop video recording on some supported cameras. Generally, this feature will only work when the camera does not need to switch to a video mode in order to record video.

If you are experiencing crashing associated with the Video capture button, it may be the result of the camera not being able to properly receive the Video capture command. If so, it may work if you put the camera in a Video mode in advance of pressing the software button. If you are unable to initiate video capture in either mode, then it would appear that the camera(s) do not support the video capture command.

Hopefully that information is helpful, but please let us know if we can be of further assistance.