SS4 add barcode to metadata


I have successfully being able to use the barcode text in the naming of the image files generated by SS4, which is great, but I am getting some rather long file names which I think might not be good for some OSs or applications. So I prefer to insert the rather long barcode text into the image file metadata… this is the reason why I am trying to use the “add barcode to metadata” feature found in the barcode tab of the preferences, but I can’t get it to work.

I can not see any metadata in the resulting file incorporating the barcode text. I have tried to look for the metadata in the photos tab of SS4, and I have also tried to look for the image files metadata using Lightroom and I have come up empty handed both times… Could you please help me?

My setup is a MacBook Pro 2016 / Mac OS 10.15.7 / SS4 v4.24 with pro license activated / one Nikon 5600 attached through tethertool cable / one Nikon Z6 attached through tether tool cable / one Nikon z6 ii attached through tether tools Air Direct (wireless tether). All cameras are recognised by the SS4 with no issue. I have saved the log file and the images in case it helps you troubleshoot this case.

Finally, it seems this feature is new in v4.24 and you have published documentation up to v4.23 which does not have any mention to this feature… could you please update your documentation?


Hi Kuvacode team, forum members, have you been able to use this barcode to metadata feature?. Is there something I could be doing wrong?

I have seen the documentation web page has been updated to v4.24 but it still does not mention the barcode to metadata feature…