Sony A7R111 and Lightroom

Hi, I have successfully installed Smart Shooter 4 on my laptop and it is working very well with my Sony A7Riii, but when trying to work via Lightroom Classic, Lightroom classic just keeps trying to connect to the camera without success. I have installed the lightroom plug in. I do have Sony imaging Edge software installed as well. Any thoughts as to how to fix this issue?

For me, closing cloud-applications (Dropbox, OneDrive) helps,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the connection.

As @pkrul noted, please be sure to close any cloud-sync software like Dropbox or Google Drive. This software can not be running in the menu bar / system tray. Similarly, please be sure that all software is quit from the background, including Sony Imaging Edge.

Additionally, please always be sure to start Smart Shooter 4 first and then connecting the camera. if Smart Shooter 4 is unable to ‘see’ the camera, there is 0% that the Lightroom Classic Plug-In will work. Therefore, please always test the connection is Smart Shooter 4 first. Additionally, Lightroom Classic can sometimes interfere with the connection, so it should be quit when first connecting.

Finally, please be sure that the following is true in Lightroom Classic → File → Plug-In Manager:

  • Smart Shooter 4 Plug-In shows as “Installed and running”
  • Nikon Tether Plug-In is “Disabled”

Hope that helps! If not, please indicate the computer model and computer OS version that you are using.

Hi, I have recently purchased and successfully installed Smart Shooter 5 (V 5.3), and also installed the LR plug in. I also work with a Sony Camera A7RIII.
I don’t have installed the Sony software, and I don’t have Dropbox or Google drive installed in this computer.
The first two weeks everything went smoothly, not a single problem, and it was a delightful process. But since 2 days ago, The Smart Shooter Software, freezes just after LR plug in is opened via “start tethered capture” command.

The process is as follows: In LR, once I hace determined my destination folder, the name of the session, etc. etc. the plug in opens and it shows the camera controls, as usual.
But after the first shot, which is delivered and showed correctly in LR, the second shot freezes everything, LR, SS and the camera.

I have to quit LR and SS, and then I open once again SS, and then,the camera is steadily connected and delivering the images to SS, but if I dare to open once again LR and the plug in, it will crash again.

I have to use the “watched folder” on LR to deliver my images to the program, but the main reason to use SS, is to take advantage of the practicality of its LR Plug in.

Of course, I have ditched the plug in several times, and have reinstalled it the same number of times.
I have disabled and ditched the Nikon plug in, and any other plug in I can see in the plug in manager dialog box.

My first impression is that the LR plug in is causing the problem obviously, but I don’t know ho solve this, and I am asking kindly for your help.

Thank you!

We are sorry to hear you are having problems using the Lightroom Classic Plug-In. It is not immediately clear what is causing the behavior. Given that you are able to use Smart Shooter 5 alone without issue, it does clearly seem to be associated with the Plug-In. Reinstalling the Plug-In should re-enable the Plug-In. But, you may want to use this process to re-enable the plug-In from within Smart Shooter 5 if/when you have issues:

  1. Open Smart Shooter Preferences / Options
  2. Go to Lightroom tab
  3. Disable checkbox for “Enable Lightroom Tethering Connection”
  4. Click “Apply”
  5. Enable that checkbox again and click Apply

Also, it is worth noting that using the RAW + JPEG setting can sometimes cause issues with Sony cameras, when the camera is set to only transfer the JPEG version to the computer. In these situations, the Lightroom Classic Plug-In will wait for the RAW version, which is never transferred. This will effectively cause the Plug-In to stop working. Therefore, please test the process with either RAW or JPEG (not both) format in order to see if the Plug-In works as expected.

Hopefully that information is helpful, but please do keep me posted if you continue to experience the issue. In that case, it would be helpful to know a bit more about the computer and Operating System that you are using.