Sony A7R111 and Lightroom

Hi, I have successfully installed Smart Shooter 4 on my laptop and it is working very well with my Sony A7Riii, but when trying to work via Lightroom Classic, Lightroom classic just keeps trying to connect to the camera without success. I have installed the lightroom plug in. I do have Sony imaging Edge software installed as well. Any thoughts as to how to fix this issue?

For me, closing cloud-applications (Dropbox, OneDrive) helps,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the connection.

As @pkrul noted, please be sure to close any cloud-sync software like Dropbox or Google Drive. This software can not be running in the menu bar / system tray. Similarly, please be sure that all software is quit from the background, including Sony Imaging Edge.

Additionally, please always be sure to start Smart Shooter 4 first and then connecting the camera. if Smart Shooter 4 is unable to ‘see’ the camera, there is 0% that the Lightroom Classic Plug-In will work. Therefore, please always test the connection is Smart Shooter 4 first. Additionally, Lightroom Classic can sometimes interfere with the connection, so it should be quit when first connecting.

Finally, please be sure that the following is true in Lightroom Classic → File → Plug-In Manager:

  • Smart Shooter 4 Plug-In shows as “Installed and running”
  • Nikon Tether Plug-In is “Disabled”

Hope that helps! If not, please indicate the computer model and computer OS version that you are using.