Sony A6300 SS5 won't connect

I’ve had no issues with SS4 but now, upon starting up SS5 I connect the Sony A6300, the live view is black, grids are there, software says “camera is ready”, but no image on screen in the display? Camera says “Check the connected device”.

Im baffled, I’ve double checked my camera settings, as well as checked the thread on the Sony a7iv about this. Still doesn’t want to work. Im operating on my battery, not connected to power. (done this with SS4 and had no issues). No software is running, no LR, nothing.

Any ideas?

Sorry to hear you are having an issue with this. Just to better understand the issue, can you clarify the following:

  • Is the camera showing up in Smart Shooter 5 as expected (In Camera Controls, do you see the camera name to the right of the word “Single”)
  • When you say “There is no image on screen in the display” are you referring to the camera or the software?
  • In Smart Shooter 5, please open the Live View 1 window, if it isn’t already open (View → Live View 1). In the Live View 1 window, what happens when check the box next to “Enable”?

Finally, please double-check the following camera settings for the Sony a6300:

Setup → USB Connection: PC Remote
Setup → USB LUN Setting: Multi
Setup → USB Power Supply: OFF