Sony a1 not connecting to SS5 trial

Could there be an internal camera setting disallowing USB-C connection?

Thanks for the post. Sony cameras do require specific camera settings for tethering. Therefore, please verify the following in the Sony a1 menu:

Network → Smartphone Connect → Smartphone Connection: OFF
(Setup) → USB → USB Connection: MTP
(Setup) → USB → USB LUN Setting: Multi
(Setup) → USB → USB Power Supply: OFF
(Network) → Transfer / Remote → PC Remote Function → PC Remote: ON
(Network) → Transfer / Remote → PC Remote Function → PC Remote Cnct Method: USB

Also, Background Software

It is possible that there is another piece of software that is intercepting the communication between the camera and the tethering software. To avoid this issue, be sure that all other applications are closed and there is no software running in the background. In particular, please be sure that Google Drive and Dropbox are not running in the System Tray / Menu Bar.

If you are attempting to use the Lightroom Classic Plug-In, please quit Lightroom Classic until you see the camera in Smart Shooter 5. Once the camera is available, please launch Lightroom Classic and initiate the tethered session.