Smart shooter 5 live view

Hi just installed smart shooter 5 free trail and findind live view extremely slow is this normal have tied capture one and found a lot faster

Thanks for reaching out on this.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with Live View.
Can you describe the experience in a bit more detail? Is the video feed choppy, is there a lag to what you see, does it take a long time to imitate, etc…?

Additionally, at your convenience, would you mind sharing a bit more info on the setup that you are using:

  • Type of computer you are using (please specify processor type & year):
  • Computer Operating System you are using (please provide version numbers):
  • Type of camera you are using (manufacturer & model number):

This will help us get a better understanding of what might be happening here.

Amd ryzen 7 5700 inbuilt graphics
32 gb ram
Msi 550 pro motherboard
Windows 11 pro
Built 202
Home biild lol
Xh2 camera
Lens 16 55mm ,80 mm macro,70 300 all fuji
Found smart shooter 5 very choppy and badly lagging but capture 1 works very smooth and quick just with capture one is cost thanks for your kind help

Hi received a email from you but hasn’t worked it was blank

Thanks for providing your setup details. That does help us better understand the issue. There are a couple of suggestions that may improve performance.

First, please be sure that the motherboard is running the lates bios / firmware. Additionally, please be sure you are making a direct connection between the camera and one of the 3.2 Gen 1 (or 2) ports on the motherboard.

Please be sure not to use the USB 2.0 ports. For troubleshooting purposes, please test tethering with no other devices connected to the computer. Additionally, please make sure that no other software other than Smart Shooter 5 is running. This includes any software that may be running in the background and/or in the System Tray.

Finally, in the camera menu, please ensure that the camera is using the following settings:
Setup → Network/USB Settings → USB Power Supply / Comm Setting: Power Supply OFF / Comm ON.
Setup → Connection Settings → USB Tether Shooting (Fixed) *for troubleshooting only, Auto should work under normal conditions.

Hopefully that information is helpful.