Smart Shooter 5.1 Application/node name

I am currently using Smart Shooter 5 and cannot seem to find a way to change the Application/Node name. On the documentation it states that this can be changed in the Options window just like Smart Shooter 4, but the node name window is no longer there.

Can anyone help with this please?
Thank you so much!

Thanks for your question here.

You are correct that the ability to change Application/Node name has been removed in Smart Shooter 5. This is because the Application/Node name was a feature associated with Smart Shooter’s sister software, Capture Grid. The item existed in Smart Shooter 4 as a hold-over from the Capture Grid interface, but provided no additional functionality.

You can achieve the same effect by simply entering text in the Filename Expression that you would have otherwise entered in the Application/Node field (in Smart Shooter 4). Alternately, you can use any of the Session text fields and the corresponding token in the Filename Expression to achieve a ‘substitution’ as would have been done in Smart Shooter 4 using the Application/Node text field.

Hopefully that information is helpful, but please let us know if you have any other questions.