Smart shooter 4 keeps disconnecting camera

Hey guys,

Smartshooter 4 seems to be having connection issues with us at the moment. We know it’s not the usb/battery as I’ve replaced both of these and tested capturing again but after a few images the live view shuts off for a few seconds then and error pops up saying the connection was lost. Does the software need updating/ is this some kind of bug? If anyone has any solutions please let me know.


I’m not aware of any bugs that would explain this.

A few questions to try and diagnose:

  1. What model of camera are you using?
  2. Is this windows or mac (or linux)?
  3. Which version of the app are you using?

Also, do you remember if anything changed, to cause it to start happening?
For example, did you update to a new version, something like that?

Hey Francis!

We’re using a canon 5ds on a windows PC.

And nothing had changed, we tried to update it to fix the problem but it seemed to continue but at a lesser rate than before.


OK, can you send me the log files from the app?

To find these, click “Help -> Locate log file” in the app’s top menu bar.
This will open a file browser window to the correct directory, when the log files are saved.
Then attach the following files to an email and send to