Smart shooter 4 barcode reading with two cameras

Hi, I would like to have two cameras attached to ss4 pro doing the barcode reading feature simultaneously, but I would like for the barcodes to be used only in the file names of the camera that took the barcode in the first place…meaning barcodes taken with camera A will change file names of images coming from camera A but it will NOT change the file name of images coming from camera B, and viceversa. how can I set up this?

Adittionally, can you please provide me with documentation about how to use the “camera filter expression” of the barcode tab?.

Thank you in advance

No its not possible to apply the scanned barcode to only one of the camera’s photo filenames. The option that controls the filenaming is the “Filename Expression”, and this will affect all cameras. That is, it’s not possible to specify a different “Filename Expression” for each camera.

So unfortunately we don’t have a solution to achieve that in this version of the software. I have to add it as a possibility for a future version.

Regarding the “camera filter expression” option, this allows you to specify which cameras are used during barcode scanning. By default, when you enable “Auto Scan Barcodes”, the photos from all cameras will be scanned for barcodes. If you only want the photos from a particular camera to be scanned, you can enter the name of the camera in this field. It will use regular expression matching to then check which cameras should be including for scanning.

So for example, if you have 3 cameras named:

  • left_top
  • left_bottom
  • right

and you set the camera filter expression to: left_*
then photos from both left_top and left_bottom cameras will be scanned for barcodes.

Hi Francis. Thank you very much for your answer. It would be very appreciated if you could include this feature in your next release… the ability to hace each camera connected with independent and simultaneous bar code reading and file naming features would be great.

I will try the camera filter expression as you just explained… I just would like to double check first if I can set up and use the camera filter expression while keeping the auto scan barcode active, can’t I?.

I just would like to double check first if I can set up and use the camera filter expression while keeping the auto scan barcode active, can’t I?

Yes thats correct. The camera-filter-expression needs the auto-scan-barcodes option enabled, its a way of customising which cameras are included for the auto-scan feature.

Hi Francis, I have tested the camera filter expression and I have gotten the following results:

1-looks like I need to restart SS4 for any change I do in the barcode preferences tab to take effect.
2-If I restart after changing, for example, the regular expression, then the filter works but in a way that does not read the barcodes found in the images coming from the camera that matches the name of the regular expression.

The setup I have is:

MacBook Pro 2016 / Mac OS 10.15.7 / SS4 v4.24 with pro license activated / one Nikon 5600 attached through tethertool cable / one Nikon Z6 attached through tether tool cable / one Nikon z6 ii attached through tether tools Air Direct (wireless tether). All cameras are recognised by the SS4 with no issue. I set up the filter expression as D5600 hoping for this camera to be the only one doing the barcode scanning, and the result I got (after restarting the SS4) was this is the only one that does not do the bar scanning. I have the saved the log file and the images, in case this may help you review this case.