Smart Shooter 4, A7RIV keeps disconnecting camera

I’m using Smart Shooter pro on a Macbook Pro (2022) running Ventura with a Sony A7RIV connected. The USB connection keeps disconnecting, repeatedly, after 10-15 seconds. It reconnects if I pull the USB and push it back in. Any thoughts really appreciated.

Can you share some more details:

  1. What exact version of macOS Ventura (as shown in “About this Mac”)?
  2. What exact model of macbook?
  3. Are you running any other software that may try to interact with the camera?

I’m running macOS Ventura 13.1 on a 16" Macbook Pro M1 Max

I can see nothing that would interact with the camera. Certainly the laptop has no USB devices attached and I have no remote software attached to it or any other devices.

It’s very intermittent; yesterday afternoon it was repeatedly dropping connection with 10-15 seconds of reconnecting but later that evening it wasn’t dropping at all. No changes in setup.