SmaertShooter 4 Scripting


could someonehelp me please with the correct request getting the current save-path please?

the API is surely there but if I go by script examples, which are few and all very similar, I do not recognize a pattern how to call any one of the script API functions.

For example: API says SmartShooter TakePhoto but script example says ctx.shoot()

I’m looking for something like DownloadPath which is somewhere present in CameraGrid but all I get are errors.

Best regards

The “SmartShooter TakePhoto” command is from the Smart Shooter 3 API.
I think the docs for v4 are pointing to the wrong location there, I’ll get that fixed!

For Smart Shooter 4, the API changed to use python.
And actually, the API is now message based.

This git repo has info on that API:

This repo also has a reference implementation of using python to format/send those messages.
This is what the built-in scripts in Smart Shooter 4 use (those ctx.shoot() commands).

Hope that makes a bit more sense.

(and apologies for not replying sooner!)