Selecting multiple images from the filmstrip to edit in Lightroom

I am trying to work out how I can select multiple images from the film strip in Smart Shooter so that I can edit multiple images in Lightroom Classic. I cover red carpet events so I need to be able to tether & then edit a number of images in Lightroom Classic as quickly as possible to send out immediately from the event. Can it be done?

It is not currently possible to send multiple images to editing software as a single action from the Filmstrip.

If you are interested in using Lightroom Classic, it may be better to use the built-in Lightroom Classic Plug-In to achieve the desired results.

The Lightroom Classic Plug-In will allow you to use Smart Shooter 5 and Lightroom Classic side-by-side. Smart Shooter 5 will manage the tethered connection and automatically send images into Lightroom Classic as part of a tethered session. From there, you can use the full set of capabilities available in Lightroom Classic.

If you have not done so already, please use the following steps to install the Lightroom Classic Plug-in:

  1. Begin with both Lightroom Classic closed

  2. Launch Smart Shooter 5 and go to Options / Preferences (File > Preferences)

  3. In the Smart Shooter 5 options window, click on the Lightroom Tab

  4. Press the “Install Plugin” button. You should immediately receive confirmation of the plugin being installed.

  5. Be sure that both the “Enable Lightroom Tethering Connection” and “Allow Lightroom Plugin to Shutdown Application” boxes are checked.

  6. Launch Lightroom Classic

  7. Open the Plug-in Manager (File > Plug-in Manager)

  8. In the Plug-in Manger:
    a. Be sure the Smart Shooter 5 Plug-in reads “Installed and running”
    b. Select the Nikon Tether Plugin and, on the right side, select the “Disable” button
    c. If you have previously installed the Smart Shooter 4 Plug-In, please be sure to “Disable” that Plug-In as well. Only one version of Smart Shooter Plug-In should be “Installed and Running” at a time.

Hopefully this information is helpful, but please let us know if we can be of further assistance.