Scripting SmartShooter 5

I found SmartShooter 5 over the holiday and it seems like it may do what I want which is to plan out a shooting schedule for the April '24 eclipse. I was able to find the python scripts that come with it (such as delayed trigger) and develop a script that is close to working. My issue is that I want to take a series of shots at a variety of of shutter speeds in closer succession than it seems to default. For example, taking a series of 17 different shutter speeds seems to take about 1 minute, but I think it should be doable more quickly. I’m guessing it is a delay to allow time for the messages to pass back and forth to the camera, but I thought I’d ask if someone can help. My example script below:

    shutter_range = [ '4', '2', '1', '0.5' ,'1/4', '1/8', '1/15', '1/30','1/60', 
                     '1/125','1/250','1/500','1/1000', '1/2000']
    for shutter in shutter_range :
        ctx.set_property(smartshooter.Property.ShutterSpeed, shutter)