Script Implementation


I am currently a SmartShooter Pro user. I hope I can get some help in a script that functions as the following:

  1. Blocks the Full shutter conditional to a successful barcode reading and when fully pressed an Warning Message Displays; “Scan Barcode”
  2. Triggering barcode reading by halfway press of the camera shutter
  3. Upon Successful reading of the barcode, Displays" barcode read successful

I would like to implement it in RPi.


Unfortunately this scenario is not possible, due to how the barcode scanning works.

The barcode scanning is not done in camera. Instead it happens on the computer side, once the app has downloaded the photo to the computer. The app software will decode the photo, and then try to detect the barcode from the resulting image.

Hi Francis,
Thanks for your response

I have 2 more questions:

  1. Is it possible to write from a standard USB Barcode Scanner without clicking on the Barcode field in Filename Options panel?

  2. Is any way around of having a script that would be “listening in” barcode input, have the shutter blocked prior to reading the barcode input from the usb scanner?

to give you a little context. I am the owner of a volume photography company and we are hoping to implement this on a 50 camera stations.

Thank you!

Yes there could be some options here.
Lets talk about it directly over email.