Running only on Raspberry Pi?

Hello! I am on a quest to control 4 sony cameras simultaneously.
I require to send them all the same settings (aperture, shutter and iso, so that they match) and the trigger/shutter be at the same time.
However I need this to be a portable, quick and robust setup, so having it installed on windows and having to wait for windows to login, to run the software and to detect the cameras I believe is too much time.

Would it be possible to install and run solely using raspberry pi and a small touch screen?
If not, what would be the fastest and lightest setup possible for CaptureGrid4?

Thank you very much in advance for the attention and advice

Yes it is possible to run the app in raspberry pi, in standalone mode.

Here are the instructions on how to install it (its the same for other linux platforms):

Once you’ve installed it, you need to first stop the background service:

snap stop capturegrid4

Then you can run the app as normal, with UI:


The UI itself is the same as on Windows and macOS.
So it does not have dedicated support for touch screens, really its designed for mouse/keyboard operation.