Raspberry Pi to Network Switch node dropout

Hello, I am running several Raspberry Pi 4 on capture grid 4, on a windows pc, into a netgear network switch.
the cameras are canon eos sl1

At first I loaded each pi 1 by 1 and they seemed to be fine until I started playing around in camera view,
then I lost connection to all nodes.

The only way I could get them back was by re-flashing the sd cards

I loaded them again 1 by 1 and was getting occasional dropouts which seemed to systematically advance in the order of installed pis. for example after installing pi 4, pi 3 dropped for 15 minutes.
once a pi dropped out, and reconnected it seemed to be fine, until I got to around100 cameras. Thats when the dropouts became more sporadic.

today, 90 cameras of 132 loaded up, some of the pis were unresponsive and would not connect
then after some time all but 2 pis dropped out.

Does anyone have advice?

Update: There appeared to be an issue with my raspberry pi image of capture grid. after manually installing raspberry pi os and capturegrid 4, everything works as expected

Daniel, thanks for posting the update.

Iā€™m not sure why the pi image is behaving differently to the manually installed system. But there are some major differences between those systems - the pi image is based on ubuntu core 18, where as I guess you probably installed the system manually using raspbian (the official distro)? And hence are running a different kernel even.

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