Offline Licensing/multiple user workstation

The issue we are having is twofold. The workstation with SmartShooter 4 installed does not have access to the internet to do the activation so is there a way to do offline licensing? Also the system is setup as a documentation workstation. Overhead camera mount where multiple users would login to the workstation to photo document an object. The license appears to be per user not per machine so each user is required to activate the software. is there a way to configure the license so any user that logs to the workstations with the Smart Shooter software can use the software without reactivating the software?

No unfortunately its not possible to do offline activation with Smart Shooter 4; an internet connection is required during activation, because our licensing system needs to verify the number of times the app has been activated.

However once you have done that activation step, you can then disconnect from the internet, and the app will continue to run as normal and will no longer require the connection.

Regarding the use of multiple user accounts, yes the license is tied to each particular user. So really you should have a license for each user that is going to use the software. If you are trying to set it up on just a single workstation, then I recommend you install it under a general or guest account, and share that between your users.

Thanks for the reply. Disappointing the license is not per device and I can’t find where it states the license is per user. Unfortunately well over 100 users will access the camera station and it’s not possible to use a shared account in our secure environment.