Not able to add nodes

Hello. I have one PC running CaptureGrid4 and 38 Raspberry Pi each with 4 Canon 250D connected trough usb. All Raspberry Pies are connected to network switch trough ethernet cable. I am able to see their IPs when I type arp -a in a command prompt but I’m unable to add them to CaptureGrid. I have flashed micro SD card in every Pi as described in the manual. In CaptureGrid under Network I click on Add Node and type IP of some Raspberry Pi but still unable to connect to it. What am I doing wrong? Please help. Thank you!

The app should automatically discover the other computers on the network, so you shouldn’t need to manually “Add Node” to connect each one.

This discover mechanism uses broadcast UDP network packets; the master computer regularly sends out a broadcast message, and each node will be listening for this.

On the master computer, can you check the network settings, in the “Network” tab?

  • Do they look correct for your setup?
  • In particular, check the app it using the correct network adapter, as shown in the “Interface” drop down menu.
  • Also check you have the “Send Discovery Broadcasts” checkbox enabled.

Thank you! I have set up network settings as you described but still unable to find nodes. Are there any more steps involving Raspberry Pies other than flashing cards with IMG and booting them?

Are there any more steps involving Raspberry Pies other than flashing cards with IMG and booting them?

No, that should be it.

You said you were able to determine the IP address for the raspberry pi.
Is it on the same network range as the master computer?

Also on the master computer, its useful to look at the log, click “Display -> Log” to make this visible.
Here the app will print status messages about the network connection, for example when a new connection attempt is made to a node.

Finally I have connecting nodes. Thank you very much!

But now I have a new problem where only 8 cameras can connect at the same time. For example CaptureGrid says that there are 16 cameras available but only 8 are connected. If I connect them manually then other become disconnected. Is that limitation of the trial version or something else is wrong? Thank you.

No there is no such limitation. The trial version has all features unlocked, and so will not restrict the number of cameras that can be connected.