Networking issues with CaptureGRID v4.6

With the current version of CaptureGRID (v4.6), there is a known issue with the networking functionality. This is causing slow network photo transfers, and also network connection dropouts. In the worst case, it may cause repeated network connection/disconnection between the CaptureGRID nodes.

I have a fix for this now in testing, so a new update will be released later this week.

So if anyone have seen issues related to networking, please take this update once its available.

Thanks for the people at Goodbye Kansas Studios, who’ve helped me this week onsite to diagnose and fix this issue! On a positive note, we got down to 20 seconds from trigger to completed image acquisition (network transfers to master), for 130 cameras shooting RAW, and also a 1 second shot-to-shot trigger interval.

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Update v4.7 is now available, and includes a fix for this issue.

It can be downloaded from:

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You’re welcome Francis. Pleasure having you here! :grinning:
And thanks for developing the app and constantly making it even smarter, better and faster :slight_smile:
// Roger
Goodbye Kansas Studios