Naming Serial variable [S#]

Is this possible made a small fix and add similar way to limit size of string for camera serial nubbers?
Some Nikon FF cams return looong serial numbers. Where actual serial number (from body) have 25 zeros at the end.

And using [S] make names like this when other models return normal 7 numbers serial.


Actually may be this is a bug? But anyway.
May be possible make [S] variable (or every variables) same as auto numeric variables?
So using [S7] will truncate serial or any other field to specific length.

Thank you!

Agreed this is an annoying aspect of some Nikon cameras!
Those cameras really do report this unsual serial number, so of course the app has to respect it. The app will trim off leading 0’s from the serial number, but thats all.

I’ve been thinking about adding controls for min-width and max-width to the filename expression. Once I figure out a clean way to do it, I’ll add that.