My Nikon Z7 II doesn't show up

just trying the soft. When I launch Smartshooter with the exact same Mac (M2) and camera Nikon when connecting with Lr, the camera doesn’t show up

The Nikon Z 7 II is compatible and should be able to connect. Please be sure to test the camera with no other software running in the background. This includes quitting any non-MacOS software running in the menu bar (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc…).

Additionally, Power Delivery settings can sometimes cause connection issues on some setups. Therefore, we recommend turning this OFF in the camera menu:

Setup Menu: Camera Setup → USB Power Delivery: OFF

If the camera is showing up in Smart Shooter, but not Lightroom Classic (via the Plug-In), then it is important to check the Plug-In settings. In Lightroom Classic, please go to File → Plug-In Manager. Please ensure that the Nikon Tether Plug-In is “Disabled”. Please also confirm that the Smart Shooter Plug-In is “Installed and Running”.

Hope that helps!

Thank you but how do I get the plug-in for Lightroom?
EDIT: installed it. I now have to find out how to use it once my Nikon is tethered to the Mac

Glad to hear things are mostly working.

I always recommend starting Smart Shooter first, verifying that the camera is showing as connected, then launching Lightroom Classic. Once in Lightroom Classic, you can start a tethered session by going to File → Tethered Capture → Start Tethered Capture. Once you set up the parameters of the session, you should see the camera connection pass through to Lightroom Classic. Remember to keep Smart Shooter open in the background in order to maintain the camera connection. You can freely move between Smart Shooter and Lightroom Classic during the active session and use either piece of software to control the camera.

Hopefully that helps!