Multiple Monitors

I there a way to tether to my main work pc and still broad cast the image to a second monitor or tablet for my client to be able to view? If so, how is this done?

Thanks for the question.

There is currently no built-in method for ‘broadcasting’ the images from the session to a second device. Of course, you could use a cloud storage service to facilitate this approach. Pointing Smart Shooter 5 (either the primary download directory, or the backup directory) to a cloud syncing folder, would allow that service to upload the images as they are made and this would allow the images to be viewed on a second device when viewing the cloud-synced folder.

Alternately, if the second monitor is connected to the computer that is running the tethered session, you can drag any / all windows to the secondary display so that new images are viewed on that screen. The custom workspace feature would allow you to split up the workspace as needed over two monitors.

Hopefully that information is helpful.