Muliti-cameras sync connection and trigger problem

Hello everyone,
I am a new user of CaptureGrid4 and now I use this to control 50 camreas, and trigger all camera at same time for photogrammetry, and I found some problem I can not fixed from checking the help file, So please help me.
1, during the connection of these cameras I found there is limitation of number of cameras, even I change the laptop to PC or workstation the limitation is 41 cameras, but use two computer can connect all cameras by network, by the way I use the 3 USB hub to connect all cameras. and the cameras are canon 550D
2, When I use the network to connect all cameras, triggered all cameras at same time by trigger panel, the cameras cannot be triggered at same time, some cameras is triggered and some cameras are busy and later( several second ) trigger, and even some cameras were busy till I restart the CaptureGrid and restart the cameras.

If some one have the same problem or have some solution about above question , please give me feedback and thank you.
and also please the technical of CaptureGrid can contact with me, because I have send the email to your some days ago, and there are no any feedback .