Movie mode in live view - Smart Shooter 4

Hi there, I’d like to use my UMC-R10C as a webcam for my macbook.
The only modes selectable on Smart Shooter 4 are the photo related modes which produce a fuzzy and unclean live view.
This selection changes when pressing the video button - which then allows for different movie modes to be selected and produces a much clearer view.
I was wondering if it’d be possible to enable the movie modes in the programme mode selection without actually having to record.
A long way for me to currently set this is via setting movie mode in Sony Camera Control Manager in Parallels and then switching to Smart Shooter. This works fine for the session but is rather time consuming.
Kudos for producing the only third-party consumer app which supports this camera!

Thanks for the compliments, and for the feature suggestion!

This is something that we’ll consider for the next major update of the software. Unfortunately its not a simple thing to add to the app, as it requires updates to both camera management logic and the app’s UI. So its not really something we can add to the current version (at this time in its life cycle).