Mirror Lockup not working with Canon 5Dmark4

I downloaded from tethertools the trial version of your smart shooter 4 and seems to working wonderfully, congratulations much better than the Canon EOS utility!

My set up is Canon 5D Mark iV - MacBook Pro (2019) macOS Catalina 10.15.7

My issue
I’m unable to shoot when the Mirror Lockup mode is selected on ON in the camera controls of SS4. As I usually work with mirror lock up it would be essential for for me to be able to use it.

Or is the feature locked in the trial version?

(sorry for late reply!)

Yes, when the camera is ine mirror lock up mode, the “Shoot” button in Smart Shooter will get disabled.
This is because, in that mode, the app cannot reliably track if the mirror is up or down, so it does not know the correct thing to do if you clicked “Shoot”.

In the PRO version of the app, there is a way around it.
In the “Trigger Controls” window, there are buttons that allow direct access to control the shutter button.
When mirror lock up is active, the camera requires two presses of the shutter button to take a photo; first to raise the mirror, and then to trigger the shutter.
So in the Trigger Controls window, you can do this directly by using the “Press” button twice.

Is there a way I can have a trial version of the Pro version.
Also if I purchase an upgrade to the pro version do I get a discount?
By the way I stepped on your reply by chance, could you please contact me on my email