Lightroom looses contact with SmartShooter when changing sesssion name

I’m using a Sony A7c and Mac Mini and Lightroom Classic, SmartShooter 5.4, teather working fine but then when change any of the metadata setting or session name using the lightroom control, Lightroom looses contact with SmartShooter, and I have to close SmartShooter and restart it, and then restart lightroom teather. This was an mprovement over previous Smart Shooter version where I had to rebot the computer and reopen Smart shooter and lightroom, but is there another way I can change the file names or metadata without loosing the connection? Like when I start scanning a different set of negatives? Thanks works great except to this.

Hi Richard,

When you updated to v5.4 of Smart Shooter, did you also update (re-install) the Lightroom plugin?

If not, please try doing that:

  • Go to the options window in Smart Shooter
  • Go to the “Lightroom” tab
  • Click the “Install Plugin” button