License issue about software


I bought the software.

I have twelve computer small computers that have ended up in trial mode.

The host computer has an input serial number

I use the CLOSE button every time I boot from a small computer.

I am using an intranet



Not connected to the INTERNET

The user enters the activation code into the UI of the app.

The application automatically receives license information from other networked computers

Is the above automatic receiving license not applicable to the internal network?

So every time I have to go in and press CLOSE once.

I think it should be

Enabled when the computer is turned on

The system did not immediately search for WIFI

Or detecting the host PC

First opened the CaptureGrid4 software
Lead to such a result

Start > open > search wifi

This issue was resolved over direct email.

For the benefit of others reading the thread, the latest update of CaptureGRID contains a fix for this behaviour.

With CaptureGRID v4.9 and onwards, when a slave computer detects that its license file has gone stale, it will NOT show the trial/activation window. Instead, it will wait for a network connection to the master computer, so that it can receive a fresh license file, and then start working as normal.

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