Is anyone using CaptureGrid4 for 3D Capture?

We are exploring 3D photogrammetry for color 3D printing. On our staff we have experienced photographers with both Canon and Nikon cameras. As a not-for-profit organization, we’d like to use less expensive of those lines of DSLRs. Is there a favorite among those using photogrammetry for printing in full color?

Although its temping to use low cost cameras, you will probably run into issues when triggering and synchronising them.

As a baseline, I would recommend the following minimum spec cameras;

For Nikon, something from the D5xxx range of cameras, such as the D5300.
Its tempting to drop down to the D3xxx range of cameras, but unfortunately these have poor support for USB tethering.

For Canon, something from the 100D, 200D, 250D range of cameras.
Thats the european name, in US these are called Rebel SL1, SL2, and SL3.
And in Japan, these are called Kiss X7, X8, and X10.

Thanks! That’s helpful to know.