How to reset batch?

can anyone give me the quick rundown of what the “batch” number represents? is there a way to rest this ?

Im looking for an easy way to reorganize files from multiple shots without resetting the out of sync time codes on each camera

The batch number is a per-camera sequence number.
For each camera, the app maintains an associated batch number, and increments it whenever that camera takes a photo.

When controlling mulitple cameras, its useful to use a combination of camera name and batch number in the “filename expression” option, so that you will get unique filenames from each camera, but which still have the same number in them.

For more details on those options, see:

So when controlling multiple cameras, if you try to trigger them all at once, but one falls to trigger, then that camera’s batch number will not increment, and will be out of sync with the others.

To reset or change the batch number, you can do this directly in the Filename Options window.
You can either type a number directly into the field, or use the +/- buttons to increment/decrement it, or click the “Resync batch number” to force all cameras to the same number as the camera with the highest number.

When the app starts up, it sets the batch number to the same for all the cameras.
And when a camera is connected (while the app is running), it sets the batch number for the camera to match the camera with the highest number.

you are life saver Francis. Thank you!

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