How to change lenses during a shoot

I’m new to tethering and to Smartshooter 5. I’m using a Nikon Z6 II with a MacBook Pro. I’ve found that if I turn off the camera to change lenses, it’s pretty much impossible to reconnect to the camera. Is there a process for this that I m not aware of?

If you turn off the camera, the app will pop up a window to show that the camera has been disconnected. If you turn it back on again, the app should detect that and connect to the camera again, and also close that pop up window.

So during that time that the camera is turned off, you can change the lense etc.

The same thing happens if you unplug the USB cable and then plug it back in.

Sheryl, if thats not working for you, there must be some other problem here.
Can you outline the exact steps you do?

That is exactly what I would have thought but it doesn’t come back on. I’m using either a Nikon Z6 or Z6 II since I have both. Using the Teather Tools cable and an M1 Mac Book Pro.