Having trouble connecting Nikon z50

Mac user here (13.5).
My camera is unable to connect properly when I tether.

For some odd reason the camera shows up when I have the camera off and then plug in the tether cord and it shows it “ready” - but when I turn on the camera to start shooting - it loses the connection.

I’ve restarted several times and even tried SmartShooter4 with the same result.
Checked the USB port connection under system report and it is connected so it is communicating, just not with SS for some reason.

Is there a proper connection procedure for this - documentation and help is sorely lacking for this software!!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the camera showing up.

Most commonly, this type of error can occur when other software grabs the connection before Smart Shooter is able to. Therefore, please be sure that all other software is quit. This includes software running in the background and in the Menu Bar. In particular, software like Dropbox and Google Drive are known to cause this type of issue, so please double-check that these are quit and not running in the Menu Bar.

Additionally, Nikon cameras will sometimes have trouble connecting when there is a card(s) in the camera, so please test the connection with no card inserted in the camera.

Hope that helps!

Thank you David!!

That was the key - to disable all programs.
If you are on a Mac - make sure to quit ALL programs at the top right portion of the menu bar, including turning off sync of Google Drive as David pointed out - before connecting your camera.

I did have a card inserted and it did not give me any problems.

Thanks again as I really want to use this software vs CaptureOne which I’ve used, but it is expensive especially just starting out.

Thanks for the update! Glad to know that worked!