Get camera (Nikon z50) to focus on focus box in Live Preview

In Live Preview - how do I get my camera to focus on a particular area without using the << < > >> controls?

I’m able to move the red / teal rectangular focus box (ideal) to the area I want to focus on, but it doesn’t actually focus - what am I missing here?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for your question.
Some Nikon cameras will allow allow you to reposition the focus box in the Live View window. This will change the auto-focus point in the camera. It may be necessary to manually auto focus using the Auto Focus button (next to the Shoot button).

Please also be sure the camera is set to:

Focus Mode: Single AF
AF-Area Mode: Single-point AF

If the setting above do not allow the focus point to be repositioned, it would appear that the camera does not allow tethering software to adjust the focus point position; therefore, the only option will be to adjust the position on camera. The Auto Focus button should still work to perform autofocus, but it will use the existing focus point selection (or AF-Area Mode setting).

Hopefully that information is helpful.