Difference between desktop app & plug-in

Hi- I’m trying out the trail version of Smart Shooter4 and have also installed the Lightroom Classic plugin.

I need the ability to have a live view of my focusing prior to taking the photo. I noticed I can do that in SS4, but apparently not in the plug-in. I’d rather not have to use two separate programs for my slide scanning with my camera.

Does the plug-in support live view? And/or is there a way to use the full desktop version of the program and have it automatically bring up my photos in Lightroom without having to use watched folders?


Never mind. I just downloaded the native Sony desktop app and it does what I need.

Just to clarify about the Smart Shooter 4 plugin for Lightroom.

This runs the normal version of the Smart Shooter 4 app, but it just starts up hidden in the background. It can be made visible by clicking the icon in the OS task bar, and selecting “Show Window”. After that, the normal app window is visible, and you can interact with it as normal (including using live view). The plugin provides a connection between Smart Shooter 4 and Lightroom, so you can then continue to use either app and switch between them.