Dedicated barcode scanning camera via USB

I do high volume product photography. I want to have my camera 1 be a dedicated fixed mount camera that will take the first photo of the sequence, the barcode photo. Then camera 2 will take all the remaining photos in the photo sequence. Camera 2 is a DSLR being shot tethered. There is no problem with camera 2. But for camera 1, I would like to use any kind of usb camera - like a document camera, webcam, gopro, raspberry pi v3 cam, etc. I would prefer not to use a DSRL for camera 1 as this is more expensive and complicates the setup. Is there a way I can integrate a simple camera for the barcode photo only? I know I can use a barcode scanner to populate the text box. But I would prefer the barcode to come in the form of a photo as it’s better for quality assurance afterwards. If capturegrid / SS4 Pro cannot do this, are there any recommended solutions or workarounds?


I do volume photography too. I have successfully built a setup like the one you need without a 2nd camera but a barcode scanner which not just writes to the barcode box of ss but also writes into the EXIF Copyright field. I’d be happy to show you mine and if you like it I can build it for you.