Create Folder When Folder Appears

I have an animation program, Dragonframe, that creates new ‘takes’ with a folder for images. Take 1, then 2, then 3… I want to tell Capturegrid to watch for each new ‘Take’ folder and put the next images shot into that folder, until another folder is created.

Does anyone have any ideas how this could be done?

Thank you!

There are two things that control the location where CaptureGRID saves new photos.

  • Photo Download Directory, you can change this in the Options/Preferences window.
  • Filename Expression option, which can specify a sub-directory under the current Photo Download Directory

Filename Expression is the one that can change dynamically, so I think you can use this to achieve what you want.

For example, customise the Filename Expression so it uses the session number for a subdirectory, such as:


Here [I] will be expanded to the session number, and [S] will be expanded to the sequence number.
This will result in filenames such as:

… you set session number is set to 1
… you change session number is set to 2

For more info on how to customise the Filename Expression, see:

This is very helpful, Francis. Thank you. I will experiment with this in addition to the [N]/ expression.