Changing Capture Key - Smartshooter 4

Is there any way to change which key you use to take a capture with, within the Smart Shooter 4 software?

I know there wasn’t an option with Smart Shooter 3 but I thought this would be a feature in the new one?

No, the keyboard shortcuts for Smart Shooter 4 cannot be changed to different keys.

This has been on the list of feature requests for a long time, but unfortunately other work has taken prioirity.

Do you know when this will become a feature? Or are there any other outside sources that allow you to assign the capture key to, for example, a foot pedal?

Sorry, I don’t have a ETA for this feature, as other work is taking priority right now.

But regarding the use of a trigger such as a foot pedal, yes this should already be possible. For example, most USB foot pedals (or similar USB devices) mimic a keyboard input, and can be configured to as a particular key press - then you just need to configure as as a ‘T’ key press, to match the keyboard shortcut in Smart Shooter.