CaptureGRID trigger help

Hello. I have been using Smart Shooter for several years and am diving into 3D. I was hoping CaptureGRID would be able to fire 3 cameras at once but I cannot find anything to set or remove a delay between shots. I also can’t find what changing the trigger index does, nothing super noticeable at least. Documentation isn’t great on the software and I can’t find anything on the web. Can anyone help out?

Hello, we have been using SS for several years for 3D. We have built a user interface for 3D capture and use the python api to send commands to fire cameras. The SS software by defaultsends the fire commands to each camera sequentially so there will always be a slight delay between them. We have written scripts to fire cameras in a set order with a set delay between the shots to control it as much as possible but we have found no way to fire the cameras at exactly the same time. Paul

Hello, I have been using Capture Grid and experimenting. On the Capture Grid site, there is an Esper Camera Trigger. You can command the trigger to shoot as an external camera trigger (like a manual button press). This will fire all of your cameras at the same time.