CaptureGRID 4 is now available!

I’m happy to announce that CaptureGRID 4 is now available!

We’ve been trialling it with a few users already, but it is now released publicly for anyone to download and try. More information about is on the main website, including links to download and buy:

There is also now a separate and dedicated website for documentation of the software:

CaptureGRID 4 is the direct successor to Smart Shooter 3 GRID. There are many improvements to the app, here are the key differences:

  • Redesigned UI for photo viewing, live view, and thumbnail browsing
  • Rewritten PTP camera communication engine, for improved connection handling and faster photo downloads
  • Linux version of the app, supporting headless operation, and even scaling down to run on small board computers such as Raspberry Pi
  • Sony support, for Alpha a7 and a6xxx range of cameras
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