Canon R7 Compatibility?

Has anyone tried the new R7 with Smart Shooter or Capturegrid? We’re interested in giving the R7 a try here.

When a new camera comes out, its likely that the basic features will work already. So things like changing camera settings, triggering, downloading photos. But more advanced features such as live view might not work.

For the Canon R7, I’m not sure yet, but I would expect the basics to work.

I have an R7 on back order, so proper support will come in a future update.

It turns out you are 100% accurate! We got 3 in today and set up a multi camera shoot. They all work great, until we try live view. Then things basically crash. Live view does not appear at all. We’re on a Mac Studio.

Very happy that things mostly work. Pleasantly surprised.

Thank you,


v4.25 has been released, and now the Canon R7 is fully supported.
Download speeds also look good, I was seeing 200mbytes/sec over the USB C connection.

This is great news. We’ve downloaded the update and are testing now.

Thank you!