Camera operation with software

I have three questions.

  1. Can I shoot cameras simultaneously in the capture grid software?

  2. When shooting 60 cameras using the capture grid, is it possible to shoot both basic and continuous shooting at the same time?

  3. If 77 cameras are connected to a PC using USB 2.0, will there be a lot of load when raw data and JPG are moved? How much does it occur if there is a load?


One more question.

When controlling the Sony A7RII remotely from the capture grid4, you cannot control camera control options such as Aperture, Shutter Speed ​​and ISO Exposure. Didn’t update?

You can change all this settings in Sony cameras. But with ± buttons only and ISO is “wrapped”: AUTO 50 60 80 100 … 128000 AUTO 50 60 …

USB download speed as fast as USB and Cameras speed on this USB.

Usually no one trigger cameras via USB almost every multi camera rigs using dedicated triggering systems. And depend on camera settings you can shot as you need, continuous or single.