Camera lockups R6 / AMD

Im finding an issue using 2 Canon R6 with a Lenovo AMD laptop. Ive tried both USBa and USBc in every combination and it will lock up within 10 minutes. Replace one camera with a Sony and have zero issues. Is there some issue with the Canon provided SDK? or possibly an AMD issue? Win 10 updated to latest.

Firstly to explain about how the app handles USB communication, it does not rely on any third-party SDKs from the camera vendors. Instead the app implements its own logic for handling the communication, and talks directly to the OS when sending/recieving USB traffic. This same logic is used for all camera models, so in this way there should be no difference between how the app manages Canon or Sony cameras.

So I’m not sure where the problem could be. Can you send the log file from the app? This should give some indication of where the failure is happening.

To locate the log file, click “Help -> Locate log file” in the top menu bar. This will open a file browser window in the directory where the log files are stored. The two log files are called:

Please attach those to an email and send it to