Auto Focus Grayed out in Smart Shooter 4

Hi, thank you for reading my question. I tethered a Nikon D3300 with Smart Shooter 4. I love the software but the Focus options are grayed out. Auto Focus is grayed out, also the “focus mode” drop down is grayed out. (I can change that directly in the camera and it changes in the software but it’s not clickable). ZOOM and DOF are grayed out. When I try to change the focus area on live view It doesn’t let me move it. Has anyone experienced something like this? Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

As for all camera settings and controls, the UI that the app presents is driven by information from the camera. The app will query the camera for each camera setting, to get the valid range of values, and whether or not each particular camera setting can be changed.

For the Nikon D3300, the camera does not support doing autofocus over the tethering connection, so the app will disable that button. And for other settings such as the “Focus Mode”, this is not supported by the D3300 and so the app disables it.

Unfortunately the Nikon D3xxx range of cameras (including the D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300, D3400, and D3500) has limited capabilities during tethered operation. In particular, liveview is not possible with the D3000 and D3100, and although liveview is possible with the D3200 and onwards, it is not possible to zoom the liveview image or drive the focus motor. I’d recommend avoiding this range of cameras if more advanced tethering features are required.